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NEW from December 2014

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Annual Subs: 

2016 Fees: 

Ordinary Member

£45.00 ( £40.00 before 31 Dec 2016)

Senior* Member

£30.00* (£25.00)

Prospective# Member

£30.00 (£25.00) for 2 yrs, then £45.00

Joint+ (Family) Membership

£70.00 (£65.00) per couple

Senior* Joint+ (Family) Membership

£47.00 (£42.00) per couple

Family one senior*, one youthful

£58.50 (£53.50) per couple

For 2016 renewals Bank Transfer - OR - Cheque can be used - See November newsletter !  

Click - HERE - to download 2017 subs Renewal form (writeable)

Please send suggestions for other items to include here to the committee ...




Oread M C Winter Lectures

Royal Oak - Ockbrook  - See poster for date

past lectures on later pages 


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