Joining the Oread Mountaineering Club

The Oread is a BMC affiliated club, and the BMC participation statement applies to all activities.

“The BMC recognises that climbing, hill walking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.”

The Oread was founded to encourage and further all aspects of mountaineering activities, and welcomes new members!

The handbook contains more background information, and the 50th Anniversary Journal has loads of fascinating snippets from club history.

 Download Application Form

Prospective membership  has no special conditions for joining, we just need your details and some money!    

It is intended to let you get to know the club and its members, and for them to get to know you, prior to progressing to full membership.

Prospective membership gives you:

  1. The newsletter (sent electronically)
  2. Limited rights to use the club huts
  3. BMC third party insurance

There’s no problem coming to a few daytime/ evening meets without joining as a prospective member, but you really should join if you want to come on any longer/ more serious meets, particularly involving an overnight stay.

Members of the club are not qualified to teach novices, and are not necessarily technical experts, but are amateurs, who have varying levels of experience and knowledge that they are generally happy to share. New participants should bear this and the BMC participation statement in mind. 


Full membership  requires your support from a proposer and seconder,

and some demonstration of climbing experience /commitment. 

Your application must be initially approved by the committee, and then is opened to the membership to voice any objection via a notice in the newsletter. This process may sound rather cumbersome, but is in practice a formality intended to protect the club from undesirables. Objections are very rarely raised.

Full membership gives you:

  1. The newsletter (preferably sent electronically)
  2. Full rights to use the club huts
  3. Reciprocal rights to use other BMC affiliated club huts
  4. BMC third party insurance
  5. Voting rights at the club AGM

Reduced subscriptions are available to full members who:

  • Share an address with another full member (Family Membership)
  • Have reached state pension age (Senior Membership)
  • Are resident abroad

Note: Full Membership is available only from age 18.

The above is a summary of the full club rules.

If you are considering joining us and want to meet some members, you could ask to be on the club's Yahoo group, where members often co-ordinate short notice meets.

Email a committee member if you have any queries or would like more information.

2019 Subs Reminder

Don't forget !

Membership Subs due by 1st January 2019

Renewal form in December newsletter

Download here 

Fees and form to Mike Hayes a.s.a.p..