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January 2010

Oread M.C. Newsletter


Welsh Ice January 2009

Editorial. (Last Date for next edition 27/01/10)

The New Year brings a new venue for members to meet. From this month our committee meetings and evening get together will be at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook. It is hoped this will encourage more members to turn up for a pint and chat, on the second Tuesday of each month. Wednesday midweek meets stay the same. As usual your editor went along on the Bullstones, and had fabulous weather and a great time. I have to say also that this was the best organised and well run Bullstones meet for very many years, many thanks Derek. A Very Happy New Year to everyone.

New Year Walk, January 1st 2010.

Clive Russell

The change from our traditional venue arises from advice from on high, (about 1.6 metres actually), that the George is less welcoming than formerly.

We shall meet at Ilam Cross (in the village, but not up the youth hostel drive), at about 10.45, ready to move off a few minutes later, for a leisurely stroll up the Manifold, via Throwley Hall, crossing the river at the stones below Beeston (water level permitting) and so to the Royal Oak at Wetton. Doubtlessly, a plan will evolve for the return, but that will be allowed to occur in the mellow surrounds of the hostelry.

Welsh Ice – T.Y.D. 23rd-24th January 2010

John Green.

This additional meet to the calendar will hopefully be blessed with snow and ice a plenty. We have 6 guests from the Tuesday Climbing Club along as well, so it should be great fun. There will probably be some disruption around the drying room as the builders are in, but don’t let this put you off! Note the picture above if you need any more reason to come along. It’s what mountains are for isn’t it?

Jersey, Easter 2010 April 2nd – 10th

Derek Pike.

Following a successful holiday to Jersey at Easter this year I find that I am now organising a Club meet to Jersey for next year. Considering the time of year  the weather we had this year was very good with only one bad day and that cleared up for the afternoon, this does not mean that  I am promising a week of sunshine. The island which is only about eight by five miles appears to have something for everyone from climbing, walking, cycling plus some gorgeous beaches.  We shall be camping at the Bleu Soleil campsite in the north west of the island near to the best crags and a fifteen minute walk to the beach or the pub which ever takes your fancy.  The campsite which unfortunately boasts a yellow and blue colour scheme has the usual facilities plus a good cafe cum restaurant and a hot tub. You may bring your own tent or rent one of theirs already erected. Your own two berth tent for seven nights £80, four berth £150. Rent a tent around £215 for two people.  Bookings for the ferry if done through the campsite, will save you around £100. [Condor ferries from Poole to Jersey via Guernsey, around 4 hours sailing]. Bookings to or I will book it for you if you wish,  If you are intending to come for only a few days it is possible to fly direct to Jersey from Liverpool from around £60 return. A hire car for a short stay will probably not be needed as the campsite is only about 3 miles away from the airport. One benefit of taking your car to Jersey is that when you get there, there is no long drive to your final destination, around 20 minutes should suffice. Anyone taking a caravan or campervan will have to get a permit from the site owners. Caravans are only permitted to travel to the campsite and back to the port, and campervans must return to the site every night, no overnight parking in lay bys is allowed. A 1-25000 map of Jersey is available from the Map Shop Upton upon Severn 0800 085 40 80 or Jersey Climbs by Kevin Eloury is available from Cordee  books Any further information required please phone me on 01332 670459 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

St.Brelades Bay Dangle Dell looking north,                            the Rabbits Head top R.H. corner

Winter Climbing 2010

Simon Pape.

The best way to get out winter climbing seems to be prepared to go where the conditions are good when the forecast is good!  Easier said than done.  Last winter we managed 2 or 3 weekends good climbing in this manner.  Communication is normally by e-mail, but telephones work too.  So if you want to go up to Scotland this winter or even get out closer to home if conditions allow, please let me know and I’ll try and put you in touch with like-minded Oreads.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07813 616563

Oread Summer Alpine Meet 24th July to 7th August 2010

Steve Christian

Next year’s summer alpine meet will be at the start of the school holidays from 24th July to 7th August.  Currently I am looking at a venue east of The Bernese Oberland called The Western Alps of Uri.  However, there has been mention of visiting the USA and currently I am researching these and other options.  I would welcome any communication on people’s preferences, please contact me on 01629 825292 or text 07824 623945.  You can also write on my personal e-mail of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or more traditionally to {hide}1 Duke Street, Middleton, Matlock. DE4 4NB.{/hide}


News, Articles and Reports from past meets.

Winter Lecture Programme 2010

Tony Howard.

Our first talk of the New Year on is by Mike Mortimer, who has been described by the Alpine Club as having done more climbs in the Dolomites than any other British Climber.  He has also done plenty of new routes in Morocco & will be coming to talk to us about ‘New routing on the North Side of Jebel el Kest in Morocco’. But more than this, he will be presenting a Quiz for Climbers. It should be a really good night!  You will need to bring a pencil & paper along for the Quiz. It’s on Tuesday 5th January – at the Royal Oak, Ockbrook at 8pm as usual. Please let me know if you intend to come along. On the 2nd February we will have Nick Evans talking about ‘Hot Rock: Four Italian Volcanoes' and Chris Radcliffe presenting 'The Alps 2009'. I hope to see you at both these events,  Happy New Year.

Dovedale Dash Sunday - 1st November.

Rob Tresidder.

The 54th Dovedale Dash was a wet, very wet one, though yet again, it didn't actually rain during the race. The Oread was thinner than ever before. Of course some stalwarts were involved with bigger things in the Himalaya (well, London airport actually!) The results as best I can discover:
79th Roland Smith – 102nd John O'Reilly -  Clive Russell ?  - 791st Rob Tresidder -  8** Claire O'Reilly

Post Prandial Walk - Sun 15th November 2009.

Rob Tresidder.

Setting out above Matlock                           The president’s new coat!!!!!

At the dinner the day before the walk, John Dench outed himself as the scurrilous Tricouni, anonymous correspondent of Oread newsletters years ago, I think when Scott and Radcliffe were wearing the green eyeshades. This of course was the very same day that Dr Magnanti, the respiratory physiologist, outed herself as Belle de Jour, the blogging £300 an hour prostitute. Shome connecshion urely? Who inspired whom? I think we should be told.

Musing on these matters led the meet leader to leave his waterproofs behind thus making an early bid for next year’s bent ice screw award. Fortunately for him, the weather stayed remarkably fine and his omission passed unnoticed.

A huge crowd (more than two dozen) gathered variously at the hotel, at the bus stop and at the station in Matlock from where we walked to Bonsall. Arrived almost at the Barley Mow a chink appeared in the leader’s preparations when he failed to find the footpath down to the pub, only to be rescued by some intuitive nymph. Colette and David were welcoming in the pub and coped with our overwhelmingness. After nearly 100 minutes of R&R we staggered back to the hotel via St James Church, Ember Farm and Upperwood.

A very “Oread” gathering, with a reassuringly wide range of ages and fitness’s.

Belle de Tricouni

60th Oread Dinner Photo’s

Chiz Dakin.


Little Oread has first Heathy Lea Experience.


by Fay Weatherstone, 9 months

Mummy and Daddy packed the car and we drove to the Peak District for my first Heathy Lea experience.  We arrived mid afternoon following a pub lunch in the Robin Hood. I was concerned I may not get my nice warm evening bath and how would mummy sterilise my feeding equipment? But all was well, how marvellous, the place had electricity!!  But no bath, what?? But there was a plastic washing up bowl that made a perfect substitute, I wondered where I would sleep but I had a whole room to myself upstairs!!  Daddy put my travel cot up and as if by magic a baby sized sleeping bag appeared which was warm and snug and made me very happy. I had a great nights sleep and the next day we went for a walk around Chatsworth Estate.

First Ramble                                                              Happy Camper

The Corbetts of Rum.

John Green.

In Early September 2009, Sylvia and I decided to take a journey to John o’ Groat’s, after which we travelled down the west coast of Scotland, and over the sea to Rum. The island is entirely owned by the Scottish Nature Conservancy, but over the next few years the village parts are being returned to the people, in the form of a cooperative. From a mountaineer’s point of view, the highlight is the Cuillin Ridge in the south east part of the island. This is a smaller version of its Skye neighbour. The ridge has two Corbetts, Askival, the highest point, and Ainshval. To traverse the whole ridge is a very hard day.

We stayed at Kinloch Castle bunkhouse, actually a set of individual rooms in the castle itself. These cost £15 per person per night. There is a self cooking kitchen and a small Bistro which did meals for another £15 per person inclusive of 3 courses and tea or coffee. It was excellent value, and the chef’s knowledge of the area’s mountaineering potential, was as good as his cooking! In the evenings, there were slide shows and talks about the island’s history and how the SNC is ensuring the wildlife is protected.

Also staying there was another mountaineer, called David, who wanted to do the traverse as well as me. It made good sense to go together. So, on Thursday 10th September we set out from Kinloch Castle in rather poor weather. The walk in was about 4k to the summit of the first peak called Hallival at 723mtrs. Some scrambling followed to the first Corbett Askival at 812 mtrs. Then the fun started!  After the Bealach an Oir we scrambled to the summit of Trollival and heard the famous noise from the very green banks on its side. This noise was made by the remaining Manx Shearwater young, deep in their breeding holes, calling for food. This is the reason for the name of the peak, Trollival, as the invading Vikings thought the noise was made by Trolls! As we traversed around the peak in the mist I used my trusty GPS to locate our exact position and as always it told us exactly where we were. However, I do not use the GPS to guide the way, I use my compass, and in this instance it was a big mistake, as it led us back to the Bealach an Oir! After some head scratching I realized what the problem was, the geology here is the same as Skye, ie gabbro, a magnetic rock. Everyone knows compasses are not reliable on Skye but I had forgotten the same applied to Rum, so be warned! We cut across from here to the Bealach an Fhuarain and slogged up the interminable scree to the second and last Corbett Ainshval 781 mtrs. The intension was to continue over Sgurr nan Gillean, but time constraints made this to difficult. We set off down Glen Dididil to the stalkers track and bothy, and flogged along this back to the castle 10 mins late for dinner. We had been going for ten and a half hours. Very few photos were taken due to the mist, but otherwise a great day out.

Our return to the mainland was in contrast to our outward journey, in that the ferry does a tour of the islands of Canna, Muck and Eigg, traversing all around the island of Rum in doing so. The cost of the ferry return was £15-35, excellent value, the return taking over four hours. The last island passed was Eigg and the view of the Sgurr was fantastic, I have to go back to get to the top. It looks just like the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, in fact it was created in the same way. This brought the trip to an end and the long journey home. Well worth the effort for those who have not been.

The next trip – Sgurr of Eigg                                   Summit of Askival 812mtrs

From Chiz Dakin.

Cycling in spring/early summer 2010.

I’ve just signed the contract to write (and photograph) a new guidebook for Cicerone. It’s the first of a new series they’re doing on cycling, falling in between the desperately hard mountain-biking guidebooks (of which the outdoors shops seem full of) and the namby-pamby ones that list short, flat, stop-at-a-pub/loo/ice cream shop every 2 seconds at the other end of the scale. So a range of routes between these two extremes, but generally 10-40 miles long, as much as possible on quiet lanes and friendly off-road tracks (that don’t make it into the category of serious mountain-biking) and a reasonable amount of hills.First one of the series is the Peak District, so I’ll be spending a lot of time there next spring and early summer, riding and recce-ing the routes, and taking pictures of people riding on them for the book. If anyone wants to come out riding with me (and doesn’t mind me taking some pictures of them riding –a couple of them may have to be semi-staged (ie backtrack a short distance and re-ridden 3-4 times!) to get the best light/background etc) then you’re more than welcome. So please get in touch if you’d like to come out cycling then – especially folks who are around mid-week!

Photography holidays in Spanish Sierra Nevada

I discovered this region last summer, while trying to find somewhere high enough to pre-acclimatise for climbing Stok Kangri, yet accessible enough that I could do things without needing someone else to hold the other end of the string. It’s an awesome and relatively little known mountainous region (at 3400m Mulhacen is the highest mountain in mainland Spain) and is also rather stunningly picture-skew.  Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I met the owners of the main trekking company (Spanish Highs) out there, and a few Riojas later, we decided that me running photographic holidays/workshops out there for them was a great idea. So if you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about how their camera works (ie using it on settings other than Automatic or program), wants to learn more about landscape photography, or just simply wants to spend some quality time taking pictures in an awesome and affordable location, then please get in touch/pass my details on to them!  In the meantime – here’s a link to more info – or for some more images see

Membership Renewals for 2010

Reuben Dakin.

Thank you if you have already paid.

By the time you read this, I will have returned from Antarctica, where I have been for the last 5 weeks. I therefore apologise for failing to respond to any messages you may have sent me.

The rates for 2010 are:

Ordinary Member                               £40.00

Senior* Member                                 £25.00

Prospective Member                         £25.00

Joint (Family) Membership                 £65.00 per couple

Senior* Joint (Family) Membership    £42.00 per couple

Family: one senior*, one not              £53.50 per couple

*You are eligible for senior membership if you have reached “state pension age”, which is 60 for ladies and 65 for gents, on 1 January 2010.

Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the rate for (individual) senior members was omitted from the notice in the December newsletter – please note the correct rate of £25.00 above.

If your permanent address is outside the UK you will not be a BMC club member, and so your rate will be reduced by £11.75 per person for all membership classes.

How to pay:

  • Cheque, payable to {hide}Oread Mountaineering Club, posted to me at 14 New Street, Little Eaton, Derby DE21 5AF{/hide}
  • Bank transfer: {hide}sort code 05-04-07, account number 45028744. Please let me know if you pay by bank transfer.{/hide}

Please do not send me any payments of hut fees.

You need to pay before 31 January to maintain your Oread membership. Please note that your BMC 3rd party insurance has expired if you have not paid by 31 December.

If you have any queries regarding your renewal, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or on 01332 834543. Thanks in anticipation

Meets 2010 - Mike Wren.

Leader vacancies

Feb 13-14         Fylde MC Hut Stair

May 1-3            Early May BH  - Gower was the original thought, but note...

Northumberland meet the next weekend, so a leader might like to pick another venue?

Oct 9-10     Tan Yr Wyddfa

Oct 23-24     Heathy Lea

Nov 13-14      Bonfire night Beer Festival Heathy Lea

Nov Sa 20     Annual Dinner - 61st

Nov Sun 21   PostprandialWalk

Dec We 15    Black Rocks

Dec 25-31     Christmas & New Year at Tan Yr Wyddfa

Please step forward and lead one, names to me by email a.s.a.p please

Hut Bookings. For January.

Please note that hut fees should always be paid to me and no one else.

Colin Hobday.


Jan. 15/16th.      North Kingston H.W.C.    cottage.

Feb. 5/6th.          Bingham Scouts             cottage.


Jan. 8/9th.           Barnsley M.C.                    16 beds.

Jan. 15/16th.       Bewdley M.C.                     16 beds.

Jan. 22/23rd.      T. C.C.                                6 beds.

Oread meet   J. Green.       16 beds.

Jan. 29/30th.      Croydon M.C.                     16 beds.

Please note that work on the drying room improvements, commences on Jan 18th. lasting for two weeks. All booking information correct at time of being sent to the newsletter.


Forthcoming Meets


Fri 1st

New Year’s Day walk

Rusty Russell

01335 390369

Sat 2nd /Sun 3rd


Start of Scottish W/end Meets by email

Simon Pape

01629 822450

Tue 5th

Royal Oak Lecture

Tony Howard

01332 273307

Tues 12th

Committee Meets Royal Oak Ockbrook



Wed 20th

Notts wall & Horse & Groom NG7 7EA



Sat 23rd/Sun 24th

Tan Yr Wyddfa 16 beds only.

John Green

01332 832101


Tues 2nd

Royal Oak Lecture

Tony Howard

01332 273307

Sat 6th Sun 7th

Scottish W/end Meets by email

Michael Bate

07825 629061

Tues 9th

Committee Meets Royal Oak Ockbrook



Sat 13th/Sun 14th

Fylde MC Hut Stair.



Wed 17th

Wall-Edge Sheffield & Stag Hotel S11 8YL



Sat 20th/Sun 21st

Tan Yr Wyddfa

Reuben Dakin

01332 834543


Tues 2nd

Royal Oak Lecture

Tony Howard

01332 273307

Tues 9th

Committee Meets Royal Oak Ockbrook



Sat 6th Sun 7th


Stuart Haywood


Wed 17th

Wirksworth Wall/Royal Oak



Sat 20th/Sun 21st

Heathy Lea Fell Race

Simon Pape/Pete Scott

01629 822450

Sat 27th

Oread AGM

Chris Wilson

01283 520911

Sun 28th

Spring Stride

Tony Howard

01332 273307

Wed 31st

First outdoor evening meet

Neil Weatherstone

01332 726116

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